I was a geek before geeks were cool.

As an only child, reading was a huge source of entertainment for me.  I read the encyclopedia for fun!  Today, that translates into reading an average of 100 books a year for pleasure, participating in tv show discussion forums, and a proofreading business.

I was recognized as a person who pays attention to detail over 20 years ago.  You could say that was the start of my proofreading career.  Working for an insurance company comparing hand-written applications to the computer generated policies for accuracy.  That eventually morphed into quality assurance testing websites and software.   Now, I am proofreading so my clients can be assured they are presenting themselves in the best light possible.

I am a graduate of Proofread Anywhere Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™.  This course is the only course that teaches students how to become a transcript proofreader.  Proofreading spoken word is an art.

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